Basic Weave

1.Braid Natural Hair 2. Sew-on two bundles 3. Part natural hair on side or middle 4. Flat iron & Trim Weave (No Wash, No blow-dry, No press No Trim, No Frontal, No Closures, No Relaxer)

Wash + Styling

Italian imported shampoos and conditioners. Hair assessment, multiple shampoo options based on scalp & hair type. Growth treatments, itchy scalp analysis, growths ampules to take home ($10 each.) Backwash bowl. Scalp massage that will put you to sleep by an experienced professional, caring Master Stylist.

Used or Reuse Hair Weave 2 bundles

Reusing old weave hair takes 50 min to 2 hrs longer. Hair cut in more than 3 pieces would have to be quoted by a stylist prior to booking. Client must send pictures of the hair to be reused prior to booking. ($50+) by quote. Speak to stylist first!

Silk Press

Oil free thermo-straightening hair after treatment for protection, moisture and cuticle repair. Loose hair, shiny, soft, bouncy, also includes trim & shaping. Advanced Master Technique which requires specific products and training. This can loosen natural curl pattern and soften hair.

Tree Braids

This cornrow style incorporates natural looking hair for free flowing hair style. Textures vary. Consult with stylist prior to booking. Protective styles.

Remove Braids from Sew-in Weave Install

We will remove up to 10 braids at no charge. (If we can do it in 15 min) This does NOT apply to men’s cornrows. call for quote

Removing Matted Hair

Matting comes from hair that has been left in for a long time and can cause boldness or the need to cut the hair to remove the matt. We have professional products to remove tangled and matted hair but we do not guarantee anything. We will remove it as best as we can, however it is usually painful to remove matted hair and can take up to 3 hrs.

Relaxer Cut + Style (Short hair, no color)

1. Cut natural hair in a short style (bring picture from google image of the short hair style you’re looking for) 2. Relax your hair 3. Mold your hair 4. Style your hair (add color / 1hr)

Straighten Weave After 45 minutes

Styling, curling, flat-ironing, finish look of the hair style including light trim

Men's Cornrows/Man-Bun

$40 if washed braided, ready to go… feed braid (+$20) add hair ($10) very short hair ok. Consult with stylist if you have 1in. hair)

Relaxer Cut + Style (Long hair, no color)

1. Relax natural hair (new growth only) 2. . shampoo & conditioner 3. dry, trim 4. style your hair

Micro Braids

Small individual braids adding commercial hair. Textures vary. Consult with stylist prior to booking. Pre-appointment required.


50 locs costs $50 80 locs costs $80 120 locs costs $100 The product used varies from gel to various oils and creams depending on the scalp assessment and client preference (color +1hr ) (palm roll ends +1hr) scalp twist. Comb Twist or Crochet Hook. Both techniques available. Starter locs $60+

Front Lace Weave - EAR 2 EAR

1. Relax hairline if necessary (additional $20) 2. Braid Natural Hair 3. Apply weave, Apply frontal 4. Apply & Flat Iron two bundles (additional bundles $25 ea.) (flat Iron long hair additional charge) (No Wash, No blow-dry, No press No Trim, No Frontal, No Closures, No Relaxer)

Comb out Old Weaves up to 90 days

Weaves that are not matted may be taken down, removed, natural hair, detangled, shampooed, conditioned, treated, trimmed and styled or prepped for an additional $50+ (depending on length)

Coloring Bundles

$40 per bundles, bundles must be left with stylist 48 -72 hours. By appointment. Not responsible for damaged hair due to poor quality of bundles. We suggest you purchase the hair from us because of we offer high quality hair bundles and we guarantee the results. We only guarantee hair purchased from us.

Additional Bundle Application

Additional Bundle Application after 2 bundles are $25 each. for application.

27 Piece Quick Weave

Hair is molded, protected. Glue is applied. Hair is styled (for long hair it can take an extra hour)

Braid hair under Wig

Braids straight back or in a circle for under wig. No wash included.

360 Wig/Frontal Install

Braid hair, hair must be clean and oil free. Apply frontal. Style. Adjustments may cost extra if it does not fit properly. Reuse may cost extra. Consult with stylist prior to appointment. (used frontals can be messy)

Crochet Braid Hair Style

Crochet braids vary from cornrows styles to individuals and it can take from 2 to 6 hours depending on variables. Please Consult with stylist by phone and send picture of 1. your hair 2. hair style you want 3. a picture of the hair you want to use for the job… prior to booking. The bigger, thicker or longer the hair… the longer the job takes.

Add ons

Neck Application – $40 / Rapid Hair Growth System Application prior to weave – $40 Growth serum for edges to take home with you – $20 Coloring/Highlights – $40+ per bundle Taking down old weave – $40 Shampoo hair prior to weave – $40 Remove braids from old weave – $30 (if not matted) Remove matted weave or braids $100 (hair that has been up over 90 days and is matted) Coloring bundles – $40 per bundle (must leave bundles with stylist for 48 hours) Coloring edges black or covering natural gray hair dark – $30 / 1hr (including shampoo & conditioning)

We Specialize In Ethnic Hair Care And Styling  For Women.



Silk Press





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Locks, locs dread locs or dreads are a form of hair matting or self-twisting until it forms individual sprouts called locs. Locs are clusters of hair that that are not combed out and are purposely allowed to form and grow in a tangled or matted natural for called Locs. Locs can be shampooed regularly after the lock has formed over a five-week period. Shampooing will loosed the new growth of the lock. The term Dread Locks is considered negative because it is associated with a civil unrest in Jamaica at which the natives wore Locked hair naming the local protesters Dreadlock.

Jamaicans do not like Dread Lock. Locs is the proper term. A person seeking to create Natural Loc style should seek a Professional Stylist that specializes in Locked Styles, Locs, Dread Locks and Natural Styles. Any hair texture can wear locs if properly done. There are several ways to create locs. The end result of the Locs is the most important. Make sure you ask the Loctician or natural hairstyles specialist to see pics of her work BEFORE YOU BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. You’d be surprised how many people use other peoples work and claim it as their own. Any good stylist should have pics of her locs and other natural hairstyles.

Dread Loc Extensions

– A form of creating ang adding hair in a locked hairstyle, yet the client’s natural hair is too short or thin for the style. The style is created by adding commercial hair.

Sew-in Weave

– Weave is a term that means adding commercial hair to a person’s natural hair to create length, add fullness or change color and texture. Weave can be added to natural hair that is cornrowed or braided. Weave can also be added using other methods of application such as fusion, micro links, bead extension, braid extensions and more. Make sure you see the sew-in weave work that has actually been done by the stylist NOT PICS FROM THE INTERNET. Sew-in weaves are a high price hairstyle. Many people are self-taught and are youtube trained Not Licensed and experienced. Sew-in weaves can and have been the cause scalp diseases and baldness due to braiding too tight and sewing in the weave too tight. The top of the sew-in weave is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Make an appointment to see the stylist prior to booking. If possible while she is servicing a regular sew-in weave client. You may find many sew-in weave clients are bald or thinning. The service of weaving can grow hair quite long if done properly.

Cornrows Braids

– Cornrows, scalp braids and French braids are braids stuck to the Natural hair’s scalp in a pattern or design. Hair extensions can be added to corn rows Braids for color, length and thickness. Corn rows Braids can be done to any length and texture of hair. I personally can braid Bald or thinning hair. But I know some very advance techniques.

Extensions Hair Styles

– Extensions can be any form of making the hair longer, thicker, changing texture and or color.

Fusion Hair extensions

– Fusion hair extensions are the technique in which the hair is added in small pieces by hot glue, bead, tape, clips, cold glue and other techniques, the fusions is blended with your natural hair to change the length, thickness, texture or color. FUSION CAN CAUSE HAIR LOSS AND OR be THINNING? BALDING. This is due to the weight of the commercial on the natural hair strands. Since hair stylist make money on clients being bald or thin, it is crucial that clients select stylist carefully. If you lose your hair please contact me to purchase a RAPID GROWTH HAIR PRODUCT FROM EUROPE YOU USE AT HOME YOURSELF. A three month supply is only $40 including shipping. The product can be purchased at BKS WIGS in Las Vegas, NV.

Color Services for ethnic hair

– Hair coloring hair lighter is a very damaging service and can cause hair loss. The color usually never comes out the color on the box or desired color. After this happened a color specialist is needed. You are dealing with many issues that affect the end results. Ethnic hair is more to likely to melt at the bowl and break later. Flatirons dries= colored hair even more.

Blond Hair Coloring-

Blond coloring is the most damaging thing you can do to your hair. Seek a professional and be prepared to purchase the products to keep your hair on your head and looking healthy. Follow up with at least two treatments from the stylist after the blond service and keep up with your Blond Retouch appointments.


– Micro braids, Individual braids, box braids., single braids. These are all terms for styling and braiding natural hair in braid styles that are free-flowing. Braids come in different styles, lengths and colors. Hair can be added to the natural hairstyle to add fullness, texture, length and color. Individual Braids can take from #4 to 12 hours depending on the size of the head texture and length to be added. Individuals can be worn for over thirty days and shampooed while braids are in the head. Cost depends the size of the braids size of the head and thickness. Very short hair can be braided in individual braids or micro braids if the natural hair stylist is skilled enough. MANY PEOPLE CATCH SCALP DISEASED FROM GOING TO NON-PROFESSIONAL STYLIST. Seek a licensed professional FOR YOUR NATURAL BRAID styles.